Powell's Owls - 12.5" Baroque Cognac Necklace

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Our barogue style necklaces are made of small rounded beads, almost spherical in shape. This is our best-selling style and is the classic amber necklace look.

Teething can be a rough time in your baby’s life, and as moms, we want the safest way to help our most precious treasures. Browse our site to shop for nature’s best way to alleviate the frustration of teething. Powell's Owls offers pure Baltic amber teething necklaces and Baltic amber teething bracelets. The natural soothing properties of amber are released by your baby’s body heat. Put these product on your baby (and keep your eyes on them—these aren’t for chewing) and let nature take care of the rest. Many moms notice the effects of our Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets within 15-30 minutes. Watch as frustration just fades away and your baby returns to a bouncing bundle of joy!

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